I didn’t have many thoughts on the President’s State of the Union address because I expected every bit of it.  I knew that he would ignore the American peoples desire for budget cuts and smaller government and continue to push his agenda of squeezing every nickel and dime out of jobless and broke Americans.  Bullet trains, Internet take overs, and solar shingles will save the day – our “Sputnik moment” apparently.

Being less surprised at the SOTU only increased my surprise of the Republican response that endorsed both entitlements and personal responsibility at the same time.  Quite an interesting thing to say the least.

In glorious self endorsement, I comment on the Republican response in my first post on Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment here.

Should Government Go After Fox, Breitbart?

The DailyCaller has a good article about left-leaning bloggers and journalists who are calling on the federal government to clamp down on Fox news after reporting Andrew Breitbart’s edited video of now jobless Shirley Sherrod supposedly admitting her own racism in her job.  When people watch the video of Ms. Sherrod in its entirety, they can gleam from it a wholly separate picture.  

Here’s the rub: I know Fox News and Andrew Breitbart participated in ruining this lady’s career, and they should be reprimanded by us, the consumer.  However, I can see outcry on both sides of the aisle after this story broke, and especially after the fecal matter met the fan blades; but I did not see the same response from the left after ABC news reported on bad information.  That is what Fox is guilty of, reporting faulty information.  They should apologize and set the record straight, but government should stay the hell out of it.  Otherwise, if the government lays down the law on Fox News, they should go after ABC for reporting false information about President Bush’s Air National Guard records, and Andrew Sullivan for his Levi and Bristol Palin infatuation (all which turned out to be false) and hell, every other news organization that reported something that ended up damaging their own credibility anyway.  That’s what will, and should, happen with Andrew Breitbart and Fox after this fiasco.