Interview With Richard Ron, Senior Fellow at CATO

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Interview With Herman Cain on Minorities & the Conservative Movement

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Interview With Brian Riedl of The Heritage Foundation on the Bush Tax Cuts & Fiscal Discipline

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Interview With Melody Scalley, Host of “Politics on the Edge,” 103.3 WESR FM, Over Her Support for Scott Rigell for Congress

Dustin Siggins: You’re a talk show host- your reputation is important. Why pick this guy?

Melody Scalley: I ran for the House of Delegates last year in the 100th District of Virginia, and I got to know all six of the candidates who were running for the Republican nomination for Congress in 2010. Scott Rigell is a business leader (he was just inducted in the Hampton Roades Hall of Fame for his business leadership), he’s a graduate of Regent University, he and his wife home-schooled all four of their kids and he served in the Marines (as does his son- and his father is an Iwo Jima veteran).

DS: What are the top two issues he addresses?

MS: He’s actually created jobs- his business is Freedom Automotives, and he’s hired more people than the Blue Dog/Yellow Dog/Lap Dog incumbent, Glenn Nye (VA-O2). Jobs and the killing by government of the free market and jobs, as well as the debt that is putting us, our children and grand-children in debt.

DS: Where does he stand on Iraq and Afghanistan?

MS: He believes we need a strong national defense, and if we are going to send our boys into harm’s way, we should declare war. [DS: Ms. Scalley did not wish to convey Mr. Rigell’s convictions on Iraq and Afghanistan, since she does not speak for the campaign.]

DS: What does he think of Fed’s actions thus far in the recession?

MS: He has said we should audit the Fed, and signed the Tea Party Agreement for auditing the Fed.

Interview With Bob Williams of State Budget Solutions

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Interview With Radio Host Jeff Akin of Texas and Arkansas

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Interview With Peter Roff, Senior Fellow at Institute for Liberty

Dustin Siggins: The CBO says not doing the Obama tax increases would increase the deficit by over $3 trillion over ten years. Your response?

Peter Roff: Keeping tax rates where they are under current law is the right thing to do. Allowing them to go up, as Obama intends, will further depress an economy that’s already flat on its back. Taking more money out of the private sector- which already isn’t hiring, innovating or expanding- is a recipe for disaster.

DS: So should Republicans campaign on spending cuts to offset what CBO says?

PR: It’s a false argument for two reasons:

  • It’s current law- to pay for something that is current law is absurd. Under current law, you bring in X taxes. They believe that if tax rates go up, it will bring in an additional figure: Y. So when they talk about a $3.5 trillion dollar hole, what that really means is it’s X+Y-Y, Y being the hole. They are getting X now, even in a static analysis. If you leave current law where it is, they will get X next year. They expect to spend X+Y, so they want to tax at X+Y. If they spend at X+Y, and only tax at X, there will be the hole.

DS: What is reasonable spending reform unrelated to the tax rates?

PR: Cut off the stimulus. Repeal ObamaCare, and replace it with a patient-centered, market-oriented system. Cut the federal work force across the board, including non-military Defense Department positions (i.e. cutting civilian defense employees). The American public is concerned about federal spending in ways they have never been before. But the real issue is bringing growth back to the American economy. How do you do that? You put an end to economic uncertainty. People have to know what the cost of hiring will be and what their taxes and regulatory costs will be. And THAT’S what you have to stimulate the economy. Encourage the American people to engage in economically-productive activity, rather than punish them.

Interview With Seton Motley: President of “Less Government”

Dustin Siggins: If Republicans take back the House, how effective will they be in restraining/overturning Obama’s policies?

Seton Motley: They can’t overturn, but they can defund and defang what’s been passed.

DS: Do you think Republicans who target the community center/mosque are making a mistake?

SM: Any issue where it’s 70-30 on your side, it’s not a mistake to make that argument. An indicator of that is when the left says it’s a distraction…it’s damaging the left, and they want you to stop doing it.

DS: Mitt Romney has avoided the debate, and wrote in the Boston Globe about the economy…

SM: It’s not like the mosque is going to be talked about to the exclusion of the economy. That’s absurd. What’s going to happen is that it’s another in a long series of issues where the left is flying directly in the face of the American people. The political tone-deafness of President Obama to be silent for weeks, to the point where the lines are clearly demarcated for where the American people stand on it, and then he comes out on the opposite side of it. In that way, it’s no different than the myriad spending bills; health care; and the stimulus, where they know where Americans stand but they do the opposite.

The fact that Obama waited weeks, then came out against the American people, leads one to think that he might not pay any attention to what the American people say.

The American people have made it clear they support extending the Bush tax cuts, and Democrats aren’t going to do that. Peter Roff did write in U.S. News that the “October Surprise” may be Democrats extending some of the cuts to attempt to minimize the damage that will be done to the Democratic Party in November.

DS: How can Republicans show they are serious about spending right away, after November, especially since the deficit impact of extending the Bush tax cuts can be mitigated through simple spending cuts.

SM: Paul Ryan (Representative from Wisconsin) has come up with a plan. The cry of “Party of No” is a joke; when Republicans have so few votes in Congress, that is basically all they can do is say No. BUT, that claim about being the “Party of No” is inaccurate, since Republicans like Paul Ryan have detailed plans to address the spending problem in Washington.

Interview With Joe Thomas: WCHV Radio, Charlottesville, VA

Dustin Siggins: What are your thoughts Arizona-style bill in Virginia?

Joe Thomas: The complaints are unfounded. Chairman Stewart of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors put this in inside the county two years ago, and not one case has been brought to court accusing of racial profiling. On top of the fact that the county was listed as 17th-most business friendly county in the nation the by BusinessWeek or World Report.

DS: How do you think the governor has done in regards to his campaign pledges on taxes and fees, and whatnot?

JT: He mostly left that to the General Assembly. Regarding monies taken from retirement funds, I agree with Delegate Ben Klein that surplus monies should be put toward the retirement fund, since deferments were included as part of balancing the budget.

DS: What do you think about Senator Jim Webb’s piece a few weeks ago about affirmative action?

JT: He made some good points, but forgets the market is the best arbiter of equality, not government.

DS: So do you oppose laws against refusing services?

JT: Well, refusing services is refusing revenue. Why would any business interested in surviving be against making money and sending it to the competition. A true free market will not deny a customer, especially in today’s world.

Additionally, affirmative action hurts minorities because it damages their standing- a high-achieving minority is viewed as having achieved through entitlements as opposed to effort.

Interview With Rob Port: 1100 AM WZFG (Fargo, ND) and

DS: How do you see the Berg/Pomeroy playing out?

RP: Berg has been in the lead for seven consecutive months with Rasmussen (few other organizations poll in ND). This may be the race of his life.

DS: Health care and what else puts him in trouble?

RP: For a while he has portrayed himself as a fiscal conservative and a Blue Dog- but that perception has kind of disappeared. Example: Pomeroy voted against cap-and-trade but also voted against the Lame Duck Bill from Rep. Price (R-GA), and right away President Obama said he would push for cap-and-trade in a Lame Duck Session.

Additionally, Senator Conrad is saying it could be one of the most significant Lame Duck Sessions in history. This could mean significant tax increases, etc.- especially with the Deficit Commission recommendations coming December 1.

DS: Hoeven is killing his opponent?

RP: Let’s put it this way- Alvin Greene is polling better against Senator DeMint in South Carolina than Tracy Potter in North Dakota.

DS: How did you get involved in ND politics?

RP: I started blogging seven years ago, and before that I was apolitical. I was called a “war blogger,” because that was what we primarily wrote about because of media bias against the war.

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