Where?s the Sense? A look at the Hofstra Rape Hoax

whereMany of you may be familiar with the recent arrests of 4 men for the alleged rape of an 18-year-old freshman student at Hofstra University.? The ?victim? reported an incident where she was bound in a bathroom and raped by 5 young men at a frat party.? Later this week the young woman recanted her story claiming that she didn?t want to tell her boyfriend about the consensual activity between herself and the several other young men; this coming of course after the 4 arrests had been made and the men falsely dragged through the mud for their ?crimes.?

This looks to be a classic case of ?hook-up regret? where a consensual situation quickly ran into a downward spiral of morning-after denial and disgust.? Perhaps it would be worthwhile to look at how and why young women and men have progressed to a place where such activity is acceptable.

In the past, if an 18-20 year-old college student of either gender wanted to be sexually intimate with another it was done in the strictest of secrecy and in areas where others were not likely to loiter (the term ?parking? comes to mind here).? Nowadays if your college roommate is expecting to engage in sexual activity, you the helpless bystander are encouraged and sometimes forced to leave the situation and retreat in what is sometimes called being ?sexiled.?

What happened?? The answer: the tail end of the sexual revolution and the last wave of feminism.? Women were encouraged to engage in sexual activity just like men did and were told that they could do so with as many partners as they wanted with no consequence to them thanks to the evolution of birth control and the legalization of abortion.

The truth about frivolous sexual activity is being sacrificed in the name of political correctness and young women, and indeed young men such as the 4 arrested in the Hofstra case, are suffering because of it.

Various scientific studies have suggested that there are a number of biological and chemical affects of intimate activity that occur in men and women.? The most prevalent of these is the chemical Oxytocin which releases in the brain of a woman causing them to form emotional bonds with those they are intimate with.? This often leads to feelings of depression and regret when a casual hook-up does not produce a relationship.

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is launching a new website called Sense & Sexuality that deals with these very issues and tackles the myths of sexual activity full force.? Check out the new website www.senseandsexuality.org starting September 21st and start getting answers about the frightening misinformation that produces the kind of situation seen this week at Hofstra University.

– catherine

Musings on the “Sexting” Trend

I recently spent a day home sick from the office (I’m feeling much better now, thanks) and let boredom get the best of me. It’s surprising sometimes what kind of information you can dig up while lounging in your sweatpants with a bowl of soup and nothing to do but blow your nose and watch cartoons.

I digress. While perusing the dynamic modern day news source called the internet I came upon some intriguing articles regarding a growing trend among the nation’s teenagers appropriately or inappropriately deemed “sexting.” This fad involves snapping nude photos of oneself or significant other with a cell phone camera and then sending said photo to any number of acquaintances from the school cafeteria.

Being a strong advocate of morality and common sense you can understand my serious distress over this issue. What really bothered me most was not what the children had to say about their actions, some of whom are facing serious jail time and lifetime sex offender status, but what some of their parents had to say about their sons and daughters. One parent in particular had this to say about hearing that her daughter (Marissa) was sending inappropriate photos of herself to other students:

“Marissa’s mom, MaryJo Miller, was contacted by Skumanick. ‘He told me that he had a full nude photo of my daughter,” says MaryJo Miller, who calls the picture innocent.'”

Innocent? That’s it? ?A mother of a daughter who is 12 years old finds out her daughter is distributing nude photos of herself and she calls it innocent? I find that just little disturbing to say the least.

Now let me be clear on my stance on this because I can already hear the lefties calling me uptight and a card carrying member of the “I Will Force My Morality Upon Everyone” club. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that these kind of photos have been floating around probably since the invention of the modern camera, but when did it become alright to make such things so public? This is an issue of common sense and appropriate use of technology and rationality. The fact that all this parent could say was that the photo was “innocent” should be throwing up red flags somewhere in the minds of readers everywhere. When will the over-sexualization of our nation’s teenagers stop and when will the boundaries be drawn?

We can only hope that this “trend” will pass swiftly and give way a more appropriate and less damaging means of exerting that youthful energy and na?vet?.


The Dream Act – Still the Same Old Nightmare

Well, here we are again, folks. It seems like only yesterday that the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Plan was put to death at the hands of the American taxpayers who caused such an uproar that the phone systems in the Congressional buildings were shut down. This time, however, news of the DREAM Act’s rebirth seems to have fallen on deaf ears and little if any opposition has been adequately voiced.

For those not familiar with this legislation the DREAM Act, or S.2205, would allow for high school students with illegal status to be eligible to attend institutions of higher learning in the United States. DREAM stands for “The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors,” according to the Library of Congress website where the bill can be accessed in its entirety. The bill was first introduced last year to much greater opposition than it faces this time around. This is most likely because, you guessed it; it has a supporter in the White House.

While I am wholly in favor of providing the opportunity to pursue higher education to worthy and dedicated students, it is absolutely appalling to me that hard-earned taxpayer dollars would be used to finance the education of someone who has zero history of ever contributing to the US tax system.

What is even more frightening is the lack of opposition to the fact that this bill provides amnesty in its clearest sense though its writers very tactfully chose not to utilize the word ‘amnesty’ in the bill vocabulary. Applicants to the program are immediately granted conditional status as citizens who can be quickly ruled permanent residents upon completion of education. Furthermore, these illegal immigrants would be entitled to in-state tuition rates. If that does not flip a switch in the taxpayer mind then I do not know what will. The fact that hardworking students living legally in this country are forced to pay out-of-state tuition rates to attend the school of their choice while illegal residents are handed in-state rates having never paid a dime into the system is aggravating and absolutely intolerable.

Where are all the concerned Americans who shut down the Congressional phones in ’07? It’s time to wave the anti-amnesty banner again and kill this DREAM Act before it ever reaches the President’s desk and becomes a nightmare for us all.