Operation Odyssey Dawn: Obama Green Lights Air Strikes

President Obama has issued orders to allow the United States military to strike Lybian integrated air-defense systems while the French launched their own air-strikes earlier in the day.  The Pentagon is briefing the media now.  We will update here at TheLobbyist accordingly… stay tuned…


The Pentagon says that the point of the strikes with both older Tomahawk Cruise missiles and the newer-generation Tomahawks which have the ability to “loiter” in a given area while commanders decide on a target via internal cameras, was to create an atmosphere to establish a no-fly zone over the city of Benghazi to support of the Lybian rebels under assault from Qhaddafi’s forces.

The American Tomahawks were launched after the French launched their air-strikes against Qhaddafi’s forces earlier Saturday morning.  The United States does NOT have troops on the ground guiding missiles, and the US does NOT have planes in the air enforcing a no-fly zone at this time.

Reperesentative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) announced via Twitter:

Jason Chaffetz
@jasoninthehouseJason Chaffetz   I disagree with the use of US force in Libya.
General from the Pentagon says, “we are in the first phase of a multi-phase operation.”
Jake Tapper
@jaketapper Jake Tapper  112 Tomahawks launched from mix of US subs and surface ships + 1 UK sub. Over 20 Libyan air defense targets.
The United States Navy is reporting:
US Navy
@USNavyUS Navy  110-112 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles launched by USNavy at Air Defense and Communication Nodes in Libya to set stage for No-Fly Zone


2 Responses to “Operation Odyssey Dawn: Obama Green Lights Air Strikes”
  1. Elli Davis says:

    I think US shouldn’t have intervened. People can kill themselves allright even without their help, why not send a real HELP there instead? Not bombs and cruise missiles that killed tens of innocent people already, but real help for the people that are suffering.


    • rj caster says:

      Elli, I was hoping to see you elaborate a bit more on what would constitute real help. I am having a little bit of an internal debate on how I truly feel about this measure being taken by the administration. On the one hand, I agree that we should be helping the rebels, and should have done it sooner. On the other hand, we’ve declared that there will be no ground troops and we are not looking to depose Gaddafi, so I don’t see what we can say would constitute a lasting success.

      Hopefully we will get some good debate on the website about whether or not this was justifiable. *cough* Nick *cough*