Speaking as a conservative, all I can say is…YAY. Keith Olbermann is, finally, off the air at MSNBC. The earlier link from Hot Air has the details as well as the video of Olbermann’s announcement as they broke last night.

Unfortunately, via Daily Kos, it appears the arrogant jerk that runs Young Turks (a liberal YouTube show) will become the new 6 p.m. host for MSNBC as Lawrence O’Donnell moves to 8:00 and Ed Schultz moves to 10:00. Question: Why not have Maddow take 8:00? Her ratings are good; she has a huge fan base on the lft; and she is a talented host with (unfortunately for conservatives) a lot of basic intelligence (she was the first openly-homosexual Rhodes Scholar from America). I rarely agree with her, and find her mocking, condescending attitude annoying, but she’s a good host.

For what it’s worth, Olbermann’s departure announcement was extraordinarily classy, both for him and in general. Check it out at the first link above.


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