Interview With Melody Scalley, Host of “Politics on the Edge,” 103.3 WESR FM, Over Her Support for Scott Rigell for Congress

Dustin Siggins: You’re a talk show host- your reputation is important. Why pick this guy?

Melody Scalley: I ran for the House of Delegates last year in the 100th District of Virginia, and I got to know all six of the candidates who were running for the Republican nomination for Congress in 2010. Scott Rigell is a business leader (he was just inducted in the Hampton Roades Hall of Fame for his business leadership), he’s a graduate of Regent University, he and his wife home-schooled all four of their kids and he served in the Marines (as does his son- and his father is an Iwo Jima veteran).

DS: What are the top two issues he addresses?

MS: He’s actually created jobs- his business is Freedom Automotives, and he’s hired more people than the Blue Dog/Yellow Dog/Lap Dog incumbent, Glenn Nye (VA-O2). Jobs and the killing by government of the free market and jobs, as well as the debt that is putting us, our children and grand-children in debt.

DS: Where does he stand on Iraq and Afghanistan?

MS: He believes we need a strong national defense, and if we are going to send our boys into harm’s way, we should declare war. [DS: Ms. Scalley did not wish to convey Mr. Rigell’s convictions on Iraq and Afghanistan, since she does not speak for the campaign.]

DS: What does he think of Fed’s actions thus far in the recession?

MS: He has said we should audit the Fed, and signed the Tea Party Agreement for auditing the Fed.

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