Interview With Seton Motley: President of “Less Government”

Dustin Siggins: If Republicans take back the House, how effective will they be in restraining/overturning Obama’s policies?

Seton Motley: They can’t overturn, but they can defund and defang what’s been passed.

DS: Do you think Republicans who target the community center/mosque are making a mistake?

SM: Any issue where it’s 70-30 on your side, it’s not a mistake to make that argument. An indicator of that is when the left says it’s a distraction…it’s damaging the left, and they want you to stop doing it.

DS: Mitt Romney has avoided the debate, and wrote in the Boston Globe about the economy…

SM: It’s not like the mosque is going to be talked about to the exclusion of the economy. That’s absurd. What’s going to happen is that it’s another in a long series of issues where the left is flying directly in the face of the American people. The political tone-deafness of President Obama to be silent for weeks, to the point where the lines are clearly demarcated for where the American people stand on it, and then he comes out on the opposite side of it. In that way, it’s no different than the myriad spending bills; health care; and the stimulus, where they know where Americans stand but they do the opposite.

The fact that Obama waited weeks, then came out against the American people, leads one to think that he might not pay any attention to what the American people say.

The American people have made it clear they support extending the Bush tax cuts, and Democrats aren’t going to do that. Peter Roff did write in U.S. News that the “October Surprise” may be Democrats extending some of the cuts to attempt to minimize the damage that will be done to the Democratic Party in November.

DS: How can Republicans show they are serious about spending right away, after November, especially since the deficit impact of extending the Bush tax cuts can be mitigated through simple spending cuts.

SM: Paul Ryan (Representative from Wisconsin) has come up with a plan. The cry of “Party of No” is a joke; when Republicans have so few votes in Congress, that is basically all they can do is say No. BUT, that claim about being the “Party of No” is inaccurate, since Republicans like Paul Ryan have detailed plans to address the spending problem in Washington.

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