Interview With Joe Thomas: WCHV Radio, Charlottesville, VA

Dustin Siggins: What are your thoughts Arizona-style bill in Virginia?

Joe Thomas: The complaints are unfounded. Chairman Stewart of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors put this in inside the county two years ago, and not one case has been brought to court accusing of racial profiling. On top of the fact that the county was listed as 17th-most business friendly county in the nation the by BusinessWeek or World Report.

DS: How do you think the governor has done in regards to his campaign pledges on taxes and fees, and whatnot?

JT: He mostly left that to the General Assembly. Regarding monies taken from retirement funds, I agree with Delegate Ben Klein that surplus monies should be put toward the retirement fund, since deferments were included as part of balancing the budget.

DS: What do you think about Senator Jim Webb’s piece a few weeks ago about affirmative action?

JT: He made some good points, but forgets the market is the best arbiter of equality, not government.

DS: So do you oppose laws against refusing services?

JT: Well, refusing services is refusing revenue. Why would any business interested in surviving be against making money and sending it to the competition. A true free market will not deny a customer, especially in today’s world.

Additionally, affirmative action hurts minorities because it damages their standing- a high-achieving minority is viewed as having achieved through entitlements as opposed to effort.

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