Interview With Rob Port: 1100 AM WZFG (Fargo, ND) and

DS: How do you see the Berg/Pomeroy playing out?

RP: Berg has been in the lead for seven consecutive months with Rasmussen (few other organizations poll in ND). This may be the race of his life.

DS: Health care and what else puts him in trouble?

RP: For a while he has portrayed himself as a fiscal conservative and a Blue Dog- but that perception has kind of disappeared. Example: Pomeroy voted against cap-and-trade but also voted against the Lame Duck Bill from Rep. Price (R-GA), and right away President Obama said he would push for cap-and-trade in a Lame Duck Session.

Additionally, Senator Conrad is saying it could be one of the most significant Lame Duck Sessions in history. This could mean significant tax increases, etc.- especially with the Deficit Commission recommendations coming December 1.

DS: Hoeven is killing his opponent?

RP: Let’s put it this way- Alvin Greene is polling better against Senator DeMint in South Carolina than Tracy Potter in North Dakota.

DS: How did you get involved in ND politics?

RP: I started blogging seven years ago, and before that I was apolitical. I was called a “war blogger,” because that was what we primarily wrote about because of media bias against the war.

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