Talking With Terrorists-Israel’s Stand Against Palestine

U.S. treatment of Israel over the course of the last twenty years has been anything but realistic; Vice President Biden’s condemnation of Israel’s recent decision to expand its borders by allowing building permits in East Jerusalem, demonstrates just how out of touch with reality many politicians truly are.  Due in part to forced concessions of peace from the Bush administration, Israel spent a large part of the first decade withdrawing from the Palestinian Frontier, and practicing a defensive posture.  In response to Israel’s attempts at peace, Palestine unleashed the second intafada, in which over one thousand Israeli’s were murdered in terrorist attacks.  Consequently, Israel’s current prime, Benjamin Netanyahu, has decided that the best defense is a good offense, and begun once more to expand Israel’s borders in the hopes of swallowing up the Palestinian threat.  While Israel is a far cry from a perfect republic, it provides a stark contrast to it’s lawless Palestinian neighbor.  Insistence by U.S. officials that Israel return to the negotiations table ignores the last decade of history.  If Israel is to survive, it must, like any other nation, defend itself from terrorism.

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