Channeling Reagan Pt. II-Rove’s Counsel of Compromise

In a recent interview, Karl Rove paternally reminded conservative radicals–that is, conservatives who actually believe in something–that “not even Ronald Reagan will get a perfect score on a purity test.”  There he is again, Granddaddy Reagan, this time channeled by one of the mushy middle’s dogmatic champions.  Rove’s point seems to be that, since Reagan would fail a purity test, conservatives should sit down, shut up, and accept the McCain/Bush/Socialist-Light candidates that his constituents in the GOP have been offering since Herbert Hoover.  What he fails to acknowledge is that this strategy of contenting ourselves with the lesser of two evils is to blame for the federal behemoth under which we currently live.  In the end, compromise on fundamental principles is nothing short of failure.  If America is to shake off the shackles of socialism with which it has bound itself, conservatives must begin to elect candidates that are actually conservative.

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