Feminist Gendercide-Confusing Roles for Rights

Predictably, feminist extremists have taken up arms, this Women’s day, to decry the evils of maternal home-making.  The first empirical volley came this morning in the form of a poll, published on Reuters, alleging that only one in four believe that a woman’s place is in the home.  Citing the poll’s results, John Wright, a well known professional in the world of Market Research, is quoted as saying that “This poll has a fundamental expression embraced by a full majority that women, individually or otherwise, should have the ability to choose to do what and where they believe they can make their greatest contribution.”  Mr. John’s pacifist expression of equal rights, while stating an axiomatic truth with which few would disagree, distracts from the fundamental question at issue.  The belief that ‘a woman’s place is in the home’ has as much to do with equal rights as does the belief that ‘a man’s place is in the office’.  Of course, confusing gender roles with gender rights is a tactic that feminist extremists have long used to discredit those who actually believe that men and women are inherently different and, therefore, generally suited to different roles.  Shame on Reuters for allowing such propaganda to go unchecked.

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