Truths Self-Evident-Iraq’s Struggle For Democracy

The Wall Street Journal reports that Iraqi elections to “choose the country’s next leader” opened today “to deadly violence and fraud claims” where “at least 12 people were killed in three separate attacks.”  While violence is to be expected given Iraq’s political infancy as a republic, many may claim that such is evidence that western government is unsuited to eastern culture.  Such a position begs the question as to whether or not constitutional representative government is objectively superior to other systems of government.  Of course, the question is far less sophisticated.  All systems of governments, regardless of title, may be divided into two categories: those that restrict political power to an autonomous body–such as a king or self-perpetuating council–and those that relegate it to the people.  The answer is simple.  Democracy, like gravity, is a universal truth appropriate for all cultures.  While progress in Iraq has been and will continue to be slow, it will come.  The Iraqi people are ready for freedom.

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