The Reality of the Real World

Well today I was amazed at how real the MTV show The Real World actually was. I have always thought that there is nothing real about The Real World. In my “real” world I do not go off for 3 months and live in a house with strangers and perform lewd acts of debauchery and cause enormous amounts of drama…or do I? No I don’t. But aside from that I feel that the season of The Real World in Washington D.C. has captured something real…the ignorance of the left. I have not watched the show more than the scenario I am about to describe so if the following character has changed her ways (doubtful) I will correct myself.

I came in from running a few errands and the television was turned on and MTV’s The Real World was showing the sites of D.C., so I stopped and thought that I would like to see what they would show of our nation’s capital. How could I have been so naïve? Well this episode was the first and the housemates were choosing rooms to stay in and all of the rooms had pictures of different presidents (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, J.F.K., and Ronald Reagan). One of the girls, I believe her name was Ashley, saw the room that had Ronald Reagan’s picture and quickly dismissed it. Then she came to the room that had the picture of Abraham Lincoln and was ecstatic and proclaimed that this was her room. I hope you see where this is going…

Well another housemate came in, sorry I don’t remember her name. Ashley said, “I can’t wait to see what room she picks so I can see if we will get along…” Well this girl picks the room with Ronald Reagan and when questioned about why she chose it proclaimed that Reagan was her favorite president…now the kicker…Ashley then said, “Oh no! You’re a Republican…I can’t handle that, left is right!”

I tried to remain calm when I saw this realizing that this girl is completely ignorant and she herself chose the room of a prominent Republican! Wow, I was shocked at her ignorance to put others down for choosing the room of a Republican when she herself unwittingly did the same.

The reason this ‘grinds my gears’, as a friend of mine always says, is because we are living in a day when people are thinking with their feelings and what they are taught no matter if it is wrong. The day when we as a general population reasoned and made decisions based on logic and valued knowledge is long gone. It is as if we are living in a Nietzsche society where people cling to existentialism and think that the meaning of the world we live in is entirely up to their own interpretation. Now, I do understand that this is far from my earlier point and I can touch on this later, however Ashley, my dear, I do not blame you for your lack of knowledge but this is the battle cry of the left in general, “left is right and if you disagree you must not understand.” God, give us a zeal for the Truth!



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