Weekly Team-Up: Dobbs & Fox A Match Made for Democrats?

Lou Dobbs has suddenly resigned from CNN effective immediately.? Given the recent?Biblical exodus of sorts of conservative journalists from all the major networks to Fox News in the last 12-18 months, will Dobbs be the next to make his arrival on Rupurt Murdoch’s ever growing conservative juggernaut?

MarketWatch seems to think he is headed to Fox Business Network, which would most likely be very fitting.? It would also allow for him to be a guest commentator on Fox News, and do drop in segments on Fox News from the Fox Business studios.

We have to ask once more: is?this a good thing? Sure, it’s great for Fox News Network and its profits, but is it good to be pulling all conservative influence from the other networks? Check out Dustin’s articles on this?here and here.



Following up on Nick’s comments, a liberal friend made a point recently?that made a lot of sense- namely, that with Lou Dobbs on Fox, the Republican Party and conservatives will further be known as the “white party” and the “white movement.” If Dobbs is brought onto Fox News, conservatives and Republicans stand to lose a massive number of potential voters and supporters they are already struggling with- minorities in general, and Hispanics in particular. Dobbs is despised by many Hispanics, and if he comes to Fox, this will do great damage to the conservative movement and its ability to convince minority voters to support its candidates and policy viewpoints.

Before the accusations start, no- I am not saying we should be politically correct. I am saying, however, that good tactics are needed to spread a message, since many people associate a message with the messenger in both positive and negative ways. Example: my friend Rachel Sheffield, a researcher at The Heritage Foundation, is a much better representative for?social conservatives?than someone like Rhode Island Governor Carcieri, for many reasons. These include the fact that Sheffield comes across as sincere and constructive when supporting heterosexual marriage (full disclosure: she’s a friend of mine), whereas Carcieri is appears bigoted and hateful in his most recent defense of heterosexual marriage. Likewise, someone like Dobbs could cause major damage to the conservative movement’s attempts to show immigrants and minorities how conservative policies are better for both of those groups of people as well as the country as a whole.

Personally, I don’t pay attention to Dobbs, so?I don’t know the truth of the accusations against him regarding race and prejudice.?However, since Hispanics dislike him, my opinion doesn’t matter- theirs does. After all, a movement can have strong views without alienating a large number of American citizens, but Dobbs is not able to do that for the conservative immigration policy supporters. Thus, the question remains: is Dobbs an effective voice for conservative immigration policies, or is he a liability to the movement?



6 Responses to “Weekly Team-Up: Dobbs & Fox A Match Made for Democrats?”
  1. Good move Lou!!

    Seeing how well the move worked out for Glenn Beck, why wouldn’t Lou try to do something similar??

  2. If Lou Dobbs moves to Fox News I swear I will never watch that channel again.

  3. RJ says:

    I won’t go as far as Wallace, but I cannot tolerate Mr. Dobbs and his overly boisterous Paleocon tendencies… It was not but some time ago that he was on the Alex Jones show chatting it up. ALEX JONES. The wannabe “Fox Mulder” out of Austin.
    HOWEVER, there has been an interesting shift in the Conservative movement, and this is represented at Fox News; so it may be fun to have some inside the movement debates between the Republican Conservatives, the Neocons, and the New Paleocon (with Stossel bringing up the Libertarian rear).
    I really don’t like Lou though…

  4. osgood says:

    a. Talent is talent, be it in baseball, scientific research or journalism, and such talent should command the highest possible salary, wherever it is offered.

    b. If the “other” networks have any intention of being considered fair or balanced, it’s up to them to find the voices to create that balance.

    It’s not as if Dobbs, or Beck, or Stossel are the only conservative voices available.

    Meanwhile, Fox continues to provide a forum for moderate and liberal points of view. And, they continue to employ that horses-ass Shep Smith.