Tom Tancredo at The George Washington University

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Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo spoke Thursday night to students on the George Washington University campus at an event sponsored by the Young America?s Foundation. Tancredo played some of his oldest hits for the crowd, repeating remarks he first made about nuclear retaliation in a July 2005 radio interview. Tancredo proposed that if an Islamic terrorist attack was launched on the United States, the best policy for the U.S. would be to use nuclear weapons on Mecca and Medina, because you have ?to go for the jugular.?

?Well, what if you said something like ? if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites,? Tancredo argued. The former congressman told students that mutually assured destruction was the best policy for preventing attacks from ?Islamo-Facists.? Tancredo insisted that Islamic terrorists would be greatly deterred from launching an attack on U.S. soil if they believe we are ?crazy enough? to ?take out? Mecca and Medina.

During the course of the event, New Majority also asked Tancredo his thoughts on the current state of the Republican Party. He replied, ?Bipartisanship is overrated, we don?t need moderates in the party, we need principled conservatives.?Tancredo is looking for another Reagan, ?a politician, who can inspire.? However, he does not see anyone who currently fits that mold.

During the speech, Tancredo also played a new tune for the audience, addressing fears about global warming. When asked if the G.O.P. needs to adopt a platform on climate change and current environmental issues his response was quite eloquent in its brevity: ?We have a position, its bull****.?

Tancredo?s old hits about bombing Mecca were not well received. Those statements were met with mixed reactions from the crowd. Many students? jaws dropped in amazement after he made the comments. Some looked around in awe and asked ?Is he serious?? Others defended the need for such crazed action by saying ?there is no other option.?

Distressingly though the students in attendance seemed quite happy with Tancredo?s new remarks on climate change and his statement that the GOP needs to move farther to the right, purging itself of moderates and RINOS.

Sam K. Theodosopoulos is an undergraduate at The George Washington University.

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