Where?s the Sense? A look at the Hofstra Rape Hoax

whereMany of you may be familiar with the recent arrests of 4 men for the alleged rape of an 18-year-old freshman student at Hofstra University.? The ?victim? reported an incident where she was bound in a bathroom and raped by 5 young men at a frat party.? Later this week the young woman recanted her story claiming that she didn?t want to tell her boyfriend about the consensual activity between herself and the several other young men; this coming of course after the 4 arrests had been made and the men falsely dragged through the mud for their ?crimes.?

This looks to be a classic case of ?hook-up regret? where a consensual situation quickly ran into a downward spiral of morning-after denial and disgust.? Perhaps it would be worthwhile to look at how and why young women and men have progressed to a place where such activity is acceptable.

In the past, if an 18-20 year-old college student of either gender wanted to be sexually intimate with another it was done in the strictest of secrecy and in areas where others were not likely to loiter (the term ?parking? comes to mind here).? Nowadays if your college roommate is expecting to engage in sexual activity, you the helpless bystander are encouraged and sometimes forced to leave the situation and retreat in what is sometimes called being ?sexiled.?

What happened?? The answer: the tail end of the sexual revolution and the last wave of feminism.? Women were encouraged to engage in sexual activity just like men did and were told that they could do so with as many partners as they wanted with no consequence to them thanks to the evolution of birth control and the legalization of abortion.

The truth about frivolous sexual activity is being sacrificed in the name of political correctness and young women, and indeed young men such as the 4 arrested in the Hofstra case, are suffering because of it.

Various scientific studies have suggested that there are a number of biological and chemical affects of intimate activity that occur in men and women.? The most prevalent of these is the chemical Oxytocin which releases in the brain of a woman causing them to form emotional bonds with those they are intimate with.? This often leads to feelings of depression and regret when a casual hook-up does not produce a relationship.

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is launching a new website called Sense & Sexuality that deals with these very issues and tackles the myths of sexual activity full force.? Check out the new website www.senseandsexuality.org starting September 21st and start getting answers about the frightening misinformation that produces the kind of situation seen this week at Hofstra University.

– catherine

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