What the President Should, But Won’t, Say in his State of the Union Address

When it comes down to it, there are really only five first-tier issues facing America: 1. We need jobs, and fast. The policies enacted by Presidents Bush and Obama have failed to stimulate the economy. 2. We need to eliminate the deficit in the next 2.5 years. 3. We have too many abortions committed every year. 4. We have two conflicts overseas being run ineffectively and inefficiently. 5. Corruption and transparency in government are at unacceptably high and low, respectively, levels. Additionally, Big Government and Big Business collusion is at a level that is entirely unethical. President Obama should, but won’t, admit that the State of our Union is precarious, and should do the following: 1. He will push for a flat tax or a national sales tax, as well as the concurrent elimination of all other federal taxes in America on our citiWzens. 2. He will push to eliminate or lower the minimum wage. 3. The Federal Reserve will be audited annually, and will have less power. 4. He will follow through on his recent op-ed to eliminate some regulations. 5. He will repeal the Affordable Care Act, and push to institute tort reform and Dartmouth Atlas-style payment reform. He will also increase the size of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) so it can begin to cut down on the $100 billion, give or take, of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. 6. He will convince his fellow Democrats to make the individual health insurance market less government-influenced. 7. He will try to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70 in the next two decades, and wall off Congress’ ability to take from the Social Security Administration (SSA) trust fund. Means-testing of Social Security will also take place. 8. He will eliminate or cut down the size of the Departments of Education and Agriculture, and eliminate all $90+ billion in private-sector subsidies to various energy, agriculture and other industries. 9. While the President should ban abortions, the fact is that he supports... [Read More...]

Now if we Could Just Combine Them…

Financially, The United States of America is heading the way of Greece, Britain and France. Rebellion and fiscal implosion are possible (likely?), and a dedicated third party is almost definite, if we don’t balance the budget by 2013. Unfortunately, few Members of Congress are willing to take the political risks necessary to balance the budget at all, never mind by 2013. Fortunately, at least some Republicans are willing to take a stab at eventual balance of the budget. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has his Roadmap, but I do not consider it all that serious since it adds debt for over 50 years before balancing the budget. We can’t afford that. What we can perhaps afford is the Ryan-Rivlin proposal which, as Veronique de Rugy shows here, significantly diminishes the cost of health care over the next 40 years and saves hundreds of billions annually while doing so. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to worry about the long-term debt if we can’t get past the short-term. This is where the decent, though not nearly expansive enough, Spending Reduction Act kicks in. Proposed this week in The Washington Examiner by Senator Jim Demint (R-SC), the House’s Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and the RSC’s Budget and Spending Taskforce leader Scott Garrett (R-NJ), it aims to cut $2.5 trillion in discretionary spending over the next decade. However, no plan to balance the budget is complete without looking at national defense and budgetary fraud, and this is where Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) enters the field of play. First with his various attempts to combat $100 billion in Medicare and Medicaid fraud (see one example from the last Congress here), and secondly with his detailed memorandum last year, Coburn is a one-man wrecking machine in the Senate. If even half of the potential savings in these efforts are realized, the federal budget would drop by over $200 billion right away. Add in the medium-term and long-term impacts of defense... [Read More...]

Obama Rating Spike Par For Course

At times the only thing that surprises me is the incoherent gullibility of many in the conservative and moderate movement.  Either that or some liberals that were polled have found some renewed faith in the promised one. Consider though a couple of stats from the latest poll outside of the 53% approval rating: Only 45% approve of his handling of the economy.  Some states hit 18% unemployment this week. 56% believe the country is on the wrong track. 71% believe that we will have to eventually give up on Afghanistan. And here are two that are off the charts bizarre: 40% polled believe Obama is a moderate. 11% polled believe Obama is a conservative. Seriously, who are these people being polled and what cave do they live in that still have telephone service in which to be selected for polling?  Bare in mind that 3 years ago 55% considered Obama a liberal and at current after selling out Europe’s missile defense to Russia, spending more money in 2 years than Bush did in 6, pushing through a health care bill, backing FCC regulatory control over the Internet, and attempting to push through a massive global warming based energy policy, only 45% consider him liberal.  Explain that one… So why does Obama suddenly come of as a moderate and receive a bump in approval rating?  My personal guess is that he received a slight resurgence in faith from liberals by way of the missile treaty and allowing gays in the military to be more forthright in their *cough* preferences.  Additionally, he’s probably re-captured some moderates and confused conservatives via his opinion editorial in the Wall Street Journal that came across as pro-business to some.  And you’re welcome to disagree with me, but personally I felt that the Tucson memorial speech was simply another ra-ra campaign speech, which would certainly be seen as favorable by some. In the end, Obama is a brilliant man, and he puts intelligent people around him.  Everything he is doing to appear to... [Read More...]

Thou Shalt Not Discuss Politics and Religion… Culture, Discussion, Love, and Millionaire Matchmaker?

I was fortunate enough to have a brief moment of pause this holiday season that allowed me to try and catch up on some television shows I don’t regularly watch. That is my excuse for watching Millionaire Matchmaker the other day, and I’m sticking to it. The premise of the show is that some obnoxious woman has crowned herself queen of coupling what were once single millionaires, and she has some sort of database from which she draws her ingredients (other singles whom, I assume, spend the rest of their days like zombies wandering around aimlessly waiting for her call) and throws them into her witch’s brew of love. Of course, the Millionaire Matchmaker has to place the prized single man or woman in all sorts of situations with other singles in order to make sure the two ingredients have a chance of merging into some erotic souffle. What I heard during one episode, and I am not sure whether these rules are laid out during every episode, was the matchmaker telling the singles that the rules included “no talking about religion or politics.” Imagine meeting several people and going on dates with them to establish a relationship that you hope will take you longer than the evening and awkward morning thereafter, and not being able to talk about the most important topics to our heart. This is no different than the unspoken rules of a party or a bar scene: religion and politics are strictly forbidden (of course, in some circumstances you can throw another important topic in there: sports). Anything that might excite the passions of the party-goers or cause someone to take a stand on an issue and defend that stance has to be expelled. Yes, we cannot have people fighting over the concept of God, or what is right, good or just; but you are welcome to fight over beer pong, which person can drink more, why the Washington Redskins are vastly inferior to the Dallas Cowboys, or because you have the wrong Greek letters on your t-shirt. In a culture open to looking up to... [Read More...]

Separation of Church and Dumb

Nothing boils my blood faster than a conversation on the “separation of church and state”.  The temperature rating will quickly escalate to levels comparable to the surface of the sun when I am additionally “informed” that the phrase is in the Constitution. Michael Prell has a great article today on dumb people who get pissed off at anything to do with Christmas because it has the word Christ in it.  Which if anyone recalls is the reason the holiday began in the first place.  Best Buy and Amazon did not establish the event, though we have had Santa and given gifts for a very long time.  But the point really is that the anti-Christmas sentiment is quite perplexing.  Everyone knows Easter is about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  People know that Thanksgiving was established to give thanks to Jehovah.  But Target isn’t banning its employees from saying, “Happy Easter”. Anyway, Prell talks about this guy who failed at bombing the “Holiday Tree” in Portland.  And he points out the irony in that this Muslim terrorist tries to go blow up a Christian symbol that was already neutered by the city government and wasn’t even called a Christmas tree anymore.  So basically this guy just wanted to murder people.  Why? Because Islam is a peace loving religion… (By the way, Prell mentions that after this guy tried to murder people in Portland via a weapon of mass destruction the Portland Mayor increased security around local mosques…not Christian churches…the local mosques.  He wanted to make sure there was no backlash on the local Muslim community that is “peace loving”.  You can’t make this stuff up.) The kid was Somalian, and their Prime Minister assures us that Somalia is a peace loving country with peace loving people.  He apparently forgot about that little incident with Mohamed Farrah Aidid. They made a movie about it.  It was awesome! One thing that I think... [Read More...]

Hallowed Ground of Gettysburg

America is blessed with a history graced by phenomenal political orators.  One of America’s most prized political speeches occurred this day, one hundred and forty seven years ago (seven score and seven years ago): the Gettysburg Address.  The number of words used barely reaches three hundred, a feat that most of us at thelobbyist cannot even endure.  The length of time was said to be around two minutes, and President Lincoln was not even the featured speaker.  One of my idols, Dr. Walter Berns, remarked in his book Making Patriots that President Lincoln was unique in American history; he helped the nation realize that the Constitution could not be properly understood without the Declaration as her foundation.  Lincoln died for this belief, earning him the somber title of  “statesman, poet, and . . . the martyred Christ of democracy’s passion play.”  Not everyone shares these sentiments, and I eagerly await fellow lobbyist Nick’s rebuttal.  Thomas J. DiLorenzo and the other paleo-cons have rather unflattering things to say about Dr. Berns and Lincoln admirers, going so far as to make claims that Dr. Berns and other scholars of his ilk are secret fascists.  I can find such slandering on the signs of Lyndon LaRouche crack-pots as I visit the MVA… but I digress. President Lincoln penned and then spoke words that have stood the test of time, and even this day the spirit of those words transcends modern politics.  That is what made his rhetoric so powerful: he spoke in terms of the high.  This does not mean that he was apolitical, and he did not seek a depoliticizing of history like our current President.  Au contraire, he met his adversaries head on and threw the gauntlet at the feet of slavery and demanded that America be unified according to her principles and the promises she made to all men under the omnipresent eye of Providence.  I used to give Capital tours in DC, and I used to love to talk about how it was during... [Read More...]

Sorry @MelissaTweets, You Can’t Put Social Issues On Hold

Yesterday in a post by Melissa Clouthier, whom many of you know as @MelissaTweets on Twitter, she discussed the “needless division between social cons and fiscal cons”. Clouthier believes that the 60 new congressmen and six new senators that make up the new conservative entrants into Congress are already finding areas within the Republican agenda to disagree with rather than coming together to fight against liberals and progressives.  Clouthier points to an article in Politico in which the GOProud and some tea party leaders have called for Republicans to focus only on fiscal issues and leave the social issues at home for another day Clouthier proposes the question, “Does this mean that the majority of Republicans or even Independents no longer care about social issues like abortion and gay marriage?” She says no. But she goes on to list several reasons why many do not want social issues at the forefront of any discussion in Congress at the moment. She lists the following, and I respond to each: 1) “If the country goes belly up, the social issues become moot.” This just doesn’t make any sense. I’m not quite sure what world an individual lives where they believe that social issues are no longer important just because there are economic hardships. We can look back to many times in our countries history in which social issues were still fundamentally important even in times of strife or struggle. Consider the foundations of our country. When Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence the focus of this declaration was to establish liberty and freedom from tyranny from the British Empire. The states at this point in time existed under the harsh thumb of taxation and the watchful eye of British troops. The main point of the Declaration of Independence and what the representatives from each state as a whole were uniting together for was to establish independence from this foreign power. And yet one of the main struggles... [Read More...]

We Won, Now Let’s Find Some Perspective

Today is a great day for Conservatives.  There is a weariness in our souls that has somewhat dissipated.  But something has been troubling me for some time now, and I think that it is important that we all take a minute to find some perspective. I’ve repeatedly heard from television talking heads, my radio, and politicians that now the work will begin to reduce spending, provide tax breaks, repeal Obamacare, push nuclear energy, so on and so forth.  But folks, that’s just not going to happen.  I’d be willing to bet that none of that happens. This election was not about actively reversing trends.  We just don’t have the power to do that.  Our side will not be able to push an agenda, and even if our side could do that, the likelihood of President Obama signing anything Conservatives sent to him is slim to none.  In military strategy you have the “rollback” and you have “containment”.  The rollback is the complete annihilation of the enemy.  And containment of course is a strategic blockade. What this election was truly about was creating a two year containment or a blockade.  We all saw very clearly how much damage could be done in two years with a Progressive president and a Congress full of his sheep.  The results of this election simply keep President Obama in check, when he was clearly not in check the last two years.  2012 should be Conservatives goal for really seeing a reversal of trends. Perspective is an important thing, and it will be increasingly important as we edge closer to 2012.  Why?  Mainly because Conservatives have made a stand, the Tea Party has made a stand, and that passion, involvement and trend needs to continue into the 2012 presidential election.  If we lose perspective though, and talking heads and politicians begin waxing poetic about how they are about to roll all of Obama’s policies back over the next two years, then the reality is that Conservatives could be in the same... [Read More...]

Interview With Richard Ron, Senior Fellow at CATO

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Interview With Herman Cain on Minorities & the Conservative Movement

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