Our Editors

nicholas r brown

nick, the founder and director at thelobbyist hails from Atlanta, where he currently resides after a recent stint in Washington, DC. He brings with him undergraduate degrees in political science and journalism, and a Masters of Public Administration. nick specializes in High-Technology and Internet policy, and is passionate about the current debate over Net Neutrality. nick has worked at several highly influential think tanks in DC, and is currently a research associate and content manager for the digital think tank, Digital Society, as well as being a contributor at The Daily Caller.



dustin siggins

dustin, the editorial director at thelobbyist hails from the North Country of New Hampshire. Growing up he learned the nuts and bolts of small business from his parents inn, construction, and real estate businesses. He has a degree in business administration and currently works as a researcher for Laura Ingraham. He is also a contributor at Race42012, and serves his country in the Army National Guard.



tom qualtere

One of our original writers here at thelobbyist, tom hails from upstate New York. He is passionate about politics in many fashions. His bread and butter is political theory. He loves a good debate, and is a fantastic and eloquent writer and commentator. He brings with him a degree in American government, earning it in leftist trenches and going to war for his ideology every day along the way. tom currently resides in Washington, DC and works at The Heritage Foundation as Research Assistant to President Ed Feulner. tom is also a contributor at American Spectator and The Daily Caller.



rj caster

Having grown up in a military family, rj has traveled the span of the United States. He has works for the Federal Government in Maryland where he has resided for the past 8 years where he went to a small university where he studied political science and international relations. Here he excelled as a vocal conservative voice on campus and was speaker on several Iraq War II panels, and presented alongside his college professor at the 2007-2008 Midwest Political Science Association conference in Chicago, their paper “The Anti-Federalists and the Modern Conservative Movement”.



sam theodosopoulos

sam is currently attending the Unversity of Vermont and pursuing a degree in Classics, Political Science, and Philosophy. sam is the political director for the Vermont College Republicans and he previously worked on the John McCain campaign. He is currently working at a preeminent conservative think tank.



wallace forman

wallace grew up in Prairie Village, Kansas and graduated in 2008 from Harvard College, concentrating in the Classics. He enjoys running, Roman history, and, of course, politics. If you don’t love freedom as much as he does, he is willing to explain why you’re wrong. wallace is currently bouncing around between think tanks and lobbyists in DC.