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thelobbyistgroup is an umbrella of websites devoted to commentary on what’s occurring in politics, policy, and political thought in Washington, DC and across the country. thelobbyistgroup sites provides unique perspective; it is a place of ideas, and a place to argue and debate. thelobbyistgroup sites are our chance to share truth, expose lies, predict future political winds, and, of course, attempt to persuade you on behalf of our points of view.

Writers with various backgrounds have found a home at thelobbyist, techlobbyist, campaignlobbyist, gamelobbyist, and our open to the public bloging site ilobbyist. We come from across the country, have various beliefs and ideologies, graduated from different colleges and universities, and hold an assortment of degrees. But all have a passion for politics in some shape or form and are excited to share their ideas with you, and just as eager to receive your pats on the back as they are your dissenting glares.